St. Patrick's Day Mojito with a Twist!

St. Patrick's Day Mojito with a Twist!

Mar 02, 2019Carlton Chamblin

Visit Ireland by way of Cuba with this variation of a mojito. Farm2Cocktail’s Cucumber Mint Shrub is combined with simple ingredients to create this alternative to traditional St. Patrick’s day cocktails. A shrub is a drinking vinegar popularized during colonial days as a way to preserve fruit in the off-season. Sugar and vinegar were added to the fruit to help preservation. As a result an acidic syrup was born thus known as a shrub; from the Arabic sherab (meaning beverage or to drink). They are great with just soda or add your favorite spirit for a refreshing cocktail.

In a desire to introduce a local twist, I have substituted Moonrise Distillery’s Corn Squeezins corn whiskey for the rum to bring your flavorful travels back home to Rabun County. Moonrise Distillery’s, Doug and Jennifer are passionate about their artisan spirits and are dedicated to offering premium experiences to their customers. Visit their distillery for souvenir tours, tastings and their cigar social group. It’s truly a blast! You will also find Farm2Cocktail shrubs on location.

Try this special holiday drink, right on the spot. The Cucumber Mint Shrub Mojito also provides great pairing with traditional St. Patrick’s Day Irish foods. The comfort combo of potatoes, beef and cheese in a shepherds pie along with stewed cabbage are lightened with the refreshing nature of a Cucumber Mint Shrub Mojito. Eat, drink and repeat!



Cucumber Mint Shrub Mojito Recipe 

1oz Farm2Cocktail Cucumber Mint shrub
2oz Moonrise Corn Squeezins
0.5 oz lime juice
1-2 tsp sugar
Fresh spearmint (10 leaves)
Fresh lime (3 slices)

—-muddle solid ingredients in shaker, add liquids, ice, shake, top with soda and pour ——

*If you prefer a mocktail (non-alcoholic beverage), simply replace whiskey with white grape juice.

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