Carlton Chamblin has fused a degree in art history and a love for creating cocktails to form Farm2Cocktail Tending Nature’s Bar – an experiential website devoted to creative cocktailing. Lending this artisanal touch to mixology is a product of his art-history education and his talent for appealing to all senses. Every artistic creation has a historical context, and so do cocktails. The bitters we use today have their origins in medicinal beverages, and the hand-crafted cocktail movement has developed them into ingredients for cocktails. Today, we infuse fresh, in-season herbs to create syrups that we can blend with small-batch spirits. As personable bartenders, we have learned to ask questions about taste, bringing our guests into the creative process. 

Carlton Chamblin serving guests and discussing cocktails from behind the bar


Cocktails can be created to pair with appetizers and small plates. There is no “right way” or “wrong way.” It’s all about packaging the experience for fun and entertainment. And just as the visual aura of a painting arouses the senses on many levels, so does a cocktail. Taste is influenced by the aroma of the ingredients and the sight of the cocktail, including its color, and by the way in which the glass complements taste and smell. The sound of the shaker in the cocktail’s creation is an auditory cue that sets expectations.



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