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Lover's Spritz Cocktail
Jan 26, 2021
Grab two wine glasses in one hand and your sweetheart in the other and try this decadent strawberry cocktail recipe!
American as Apple Cider
Jul 02, 2019
As we celebrate the birthday of our great country, it is fitting that we make...
The Art of The Cocktail
Apr 09, 2019
The works of an artist, whether as a sculptor, painter, photographer or performer are at...
St. Patrick's Day Mojito with a Twist!
Mar 02, 2019
Visit Ireland by way of Cuba with this variation of a mojito. Farm2Cocktail’s Cucumber Mint Shrub is combined with simple ingredients to create this alternative to traditional St. Patrick’s day cocktails. 
Lavender on My Mind
Sep 06, 2018
One of the signature cocktails at Longview Lavender is the Bees Knees, a combination of honey, lemon, lavender and gin. That being said, the ladies along with Marilyn’s beau, Ken, paid me a visit today with freshly picked lavender in tow.