At-Home Date Night ❤️🍷

At-Home Date Night ❤️🍷

Jan 25, 2021Carlton Chamblin
This year's Valentine's Day may look slightly different for you than the last, but we're here with a few date night ideas you can try, from home! Grab a cocktail spoon and the one you spoon *wink wink* and try a game or two!
1) Netflix + Chill (with a twist)
What you'll need: Netflix, pen + paper! 
  • Make a Lover's Spritz cocktail or mocktail for you and yours
  • Take a seat, turn on Netflix and visit this Netflix Roulette website to select a genre. 
  • Hit Spin! Find the movie it chose and press play! 
  • Set a timer for 30 minutes on your phone 
  • When the timer goes off each person watching writes down what they think will happen. 
  • Below your guess, write down what you'd like if you win. 
  • Finish the movie and whoever has the closest guess wins!


2) Box of Chocolates

What you'll need: two boxes of chocolates + a blindfold

  • Write down the list of flavors of chocolates in each box 
  • Taking turns each person wears a blindfold + guesses the flavors as their partner marks the guesses. 
  • Wash it all down with a Lover's Spritz ;) 
  • Whoever guesses the most right wins! 


3) One Word One Answer 

What you'll need: pen + paper 

  • Grab a drink (Yes, a Lover's Spritz- duh!) and take a seat with your boo. 
  • Start with one word, any word and write it down. 
  • The other partner replies with another word until you build a sentence. 
  • The goal? Use words and answers to tell your love story! 
  • Who wins? You both do! 




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